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Own Your Birth Experience

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

The chant went on. I stood there at the end of the fire lane, eyes locked with the participant who is about to attempt the fire walk, beckoning her with one arm to walk towards me, and my other arm out-stretched as a barrier to break her state after her walk as her feet gets hosed down. Not having done the fire walk before nor crewed for Anthony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” seminar, the only reference point I had was the mental birth visualizations of one of the trainers demonstrating the role I was taking on during the rehearsals we had the day before – that is, to stop the fire walkers at the end of the 3m burning coals and break their mental state. We only had half a day to train for this, as we role-played the scenes the day before, conditioning it into our nervous system mentally, emotionally and physically. But nothing truly prepares you for the real thing. As nervous as I was, completely S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D out of my comfort zone, I tuned out the doubtful voices in my head and tuned into the mental state of certainty. One after another, they came towards me.
By the time it was my turn to walk the blazing hot coals (648-1093 degree celsius), there was hardly any room for doubt and uncertainty, I just had to do it, there was no other way. I clapped my hands in rhythm to my chant “YES! YES! YES! YES!” and stormed across the burning coals, unscathed with NO blisters. The power of mental visualisation!

The same way I rehearsed for the fire walk is the same way to rehearse for the birth that you want. Play it over and over and over again in your mind until you truly believe that it is gonna be this way or no way. Feel it, breathe it, hear it, sense it. When you get to that state, your EASY, SHORT, RELAXED & COMFORTABLE birth is truly yours to own. I have seen in so many times in the mothers I am privileged to work with. It is possible!

And in case you are wondering, when it is my turn to have another baby, I am definitely having a home water-birth and I already have a collection of visual images from my experiences supporting women at their births, of how I want my glorious, orgasmic birth to be.

Own Your Birth Experience.

Written by Ginny Phang.
What Clients Say:
I usually get swamped with emails after a newsletter has been sent out, here are some of what client’s do say…

Hi Ginny,
You were my doula at Thomson Medical Center on Sept 13 when my son was born. We had a successful VBAC although there was some vacuum assistance at the end. The baby was posterior and it was a long hard labour but I did have a vaginal birth in the end. That VBAC was really important to me and was such an important factor to the birth of my third son, just 4 weeks ago. I want to thank you for all the birth education and helping me achieve a successful vaginal birth then because it did so much to help me in my recent birth.

I’m living in California now and I had difficulty finding an OB who is really supportive of me having a vaginal birth because of my C-section history. I managed to find a midwife who was confident to help me birth at home. We had a beautiful homebirth and everything went quickly and smoothly. It was the best birth experience I had of my three sons. The conditions were perfect this time and the baby was in the right position, the contractions were bearable and dilation was quick at the end. I attribute much of the success of this birth to what I had learnt from the last birth with you. I had such vivid memories of my last birth experience in Singapore and that really gave me confidence this time round.

I want you to know that what you had done as a doula went further than just the birth you supported 5 years ago; it did so much in helping me this time in my homebirth here in California. Thank you.

Best wishes,


Hi Ginny

Once again I find myself relating to what you have written: “….Hypnobirthing mothers who report that they did not experience pain during the labor, only intense discomfort..”

Just this afternoon I was telling my husband “…I think my menstrual cramps feel even worse than my labor pains!!!” and I found myself missing being pregnant!!!! And recently I keep meeting people who are in their early pregnancy… it’s this universe thingy….. I want to be pregnant again!!! ;p

:) Aileen

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